3 Ways To Stand Out With Your Hot Dog Stand

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Whether you sell hot dogs on the streets or at big events, you probably have a lot of competition out there. With so many other hot dogs stands around, you could be wondering how you can make yours really stand out. Luckily, these three things can help you bring in more customers, no matter how many other hot dog stands might be in the vicinity.

1. Upgrade Your Buns

Right now, you might purchase standard hot dog buns in bulk, and you might have never thought about doing things a different way. However, if your hot dog buns are the same plain kind that people can buy in any grocery store, they aren't going to stand out. To make your hot dogs taste their best and to impress your customers as much as possible, consider switching to a better type of bun, such as poppy seed hot dog buns. A lot of people really love bread and will be impressed by your higher-end buns, and switching to something a little bit fancier and tastier can instantly make your hot dogs almost seem gourmet.

2. Offer New Toppings

You probably already sell all of the standard toppings, such as mustard, ketchup and diced onions. However, amping things up and offering more exciting toppings can be what makes your hot dog business stand out among the crowd. For example, consider offering meaty chili, cheese, cole slaw, sauerkraut and other tasty options. For many people, the toppings on the hot dog are what makes it so delicious, so make sure that you always have the best and most toppings for your customers to choose from.

3. Offer Something on the Side

Sure, people come to your stand for your hot dogs, but they may have a craving for something else. Make sure that you offer some sort of side to go with your hot dogs, even if it's a small bag of chips or an order of French fries. Consider offering a special deal that includes a hot dog, drink and side for budget-conscious yet hungry customers. If your customers know that they can get the whole meal at your stand, they're likely to pass the others that only sell hot dogs.

You probably want to do everything that you can to make your hot dog stand a success. Luckily, following these three tips can help you take your hot dog stand up a notch and make it even more impressive to your customers.